Hole.io game


Hole.io is an interesting game that lets you play online against other players all over the world. It is a competitive game where you need to demolish your opponents. The game is played over the mobile phone, and all you need to do is move your black hole and eat stuff. The more stuff you eat, the bigger your hole will get.

First start by consuming little things, like trees, people, and bikes. These little things will soon make you bigger, and you be able to consume fences and cars. After you consume enough of those, you are ready to consume small buildings. When you start consuming small buildings you are ready to make a first player vs. player battle and consume the other hole. Just make sure your hole is bigger than the opponents.

After some time the hole gets so big that it can consume the largest buildings on the map and most probably everyone who is playing. That will make you a winner. After everything is wiped on the map or the time is up you will see your score and be ready to start a new game.

The game can be played with random people online. People from all parts of the world. Or if you like, you can play the game with local friends in a bar over the Bluetooth. This option of playing a local multiplayer makes this game ideal party game where you can interact with friends in real life and at the same time play the game with them on a mobile phone. All you will need is a mobile phone.

How to Play Hole.io The mobile phone is required, and Bluetooth needs to be connected if you like to play the local multiplayer game with real-life friends. If not then all you need is to connect to the internet and search for a game. The goal is simple, as I already stated, you need to make the largest hole on the map and you will be the winner either by consuming everyone or as the last man standing.

The game is played with a finger, you need to drag a finger to the place you want to consume. Sometimes you will need to be precise because of the hole size. Some buildings may make your hole stuffed, and then you need to shake the hole to consume the big building.

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